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When you care as much about your employees & partners,
as you do about their performance

What We Do


nCentix creates & manages custom incentive programs that motivate your employees & partners, strengthen your brand loyalty and drive better bottom-line results. 

We’re looking for partners who value relationships as much as we do. Whether you’re new to an incentives program or need to breath new life into an existing one, nCentix is a long-term, trusted partner you can count on.


We naturally root for the underdog, but no matter your size or industry, we’re capable of executing a successful program that’s unique to you.


Contact us and let us get started designing a unique program for you for free.

Sales and Distribution

Who doesn't want more sales? It's the lifeblood of every company. So what to do when you feel like you've stretched your sales people and your distributor relationships as far as you can? Capture their attention and their added focus with a custom incentives program. nCentix customers have experienced double-digit growth beyond their expected results by incenting the right behavior, with the right relationships, at the right time. And with nCentix's industry-unique ability to combine multi-level goals, your incentive program can match the uniqueness of your sales organization and distributor relationships. 

Employee Recognition
Competition for the best talent has never been higher and pressure on the bottom-line never goes away.  How to balance the two?  By ensuring your employees feel appreciated.  A sense of accomplishment is the number one driver to employee satisfaction and our employee recognition programs drive that home.  From events as simple as service anniversaries, all the way
to empowering ‘on the spot’ recognition and social engagement, nCentix has the solutions that ensure a more productive and long-lasting relationship with your most valuable asset, the people who drive your company forward.
Workplace Safety

Sometimes an issue is too important to be left to just posters and a few meetings.  Safety is one of those.  In addition to the well being of your valued employees, it’s critical to your bottom-line.  With an nCentix custom safety incentives program, you can feel confident that your safety issues and goals achieve top of mind awareness and that your employees excitedly go the extra mile to insure an incident-free workplace.  Show them their safety is more than just a financial issue, it’s personal.

Health and Wellness


Companies understand more than ever the benefits of preventative health and wellness efforts.  Whether it’s encouraging healthy eating habits, exercise, or positive emotional change, the results are not only positive for your company, they can be life changing for your employees.  Pour fuel on the fire with an nCentix custom incentives program.  How much quicker can positive change happen when that employee walks 10,000 steps a day, instead of 5,000?  Or reduces their calorie count by another 10%?  Invest in your employees’ health, and watch them increase their investment in you.  It’s the definition of a win-win. 


The nCentix Difference

Three things really set us apart:


 Exceptional Customer Service 

More than just lip service, our 'help line' extends to everyone in our company, who is committed 100% to providing you the best personal service possible. Call us old-fashined, but the golden-rule still applies here at nCentix ...we treat our customers the way we want to be treated. That's something we'll never compromise. 


 Cutting-Edge Technology 

With a purpose-built, open platform, nCentix is able to integrate and utilize the very best of today's technologies and quickly incorporate the best of tomorrow's. This insures you and your participants always get superior service. And because of our forward-looking approach, nCentix can keep costs low and pass the savings on to you. 


 A 'You-Focused' Relationship 

Everything from our contracts to how we handle participant dollars is structured in such a way as to provide for your maximum flexibility and protection by eliminating nearly all the financial and contractual risk in all our relationships. We believe in earning your business every day, not holding it hostage. nCentix is the partner that lets you rest easy, knowing the very structure of how we operate insures we're as focused on your business as you. 

How We Do It


It’s pretty simple ….we focus on you.


nCentix studies your goals, your culture, your people and your history and use that understanding to recommend custom programs that deliver added results for you and your participants.  Your incentive programs should be as unique and special as your company and work as hard as you do at delivering results.


Our programs clearly communicate your goals, genuinely encourage and support progress, and enthusiastically celebrate achieving and exceeding those goals. And we never stop optimizing to
maximize your results.  


Success is converted into a common currency of points, providing participants maximum flexibility in realizing dreams as unique as they.  With millions of merchandise options, the ability to convert straight to cash and our incredibly popular ‘concierge’ service, virtually any dream is within their reach.


Contact us and let's get started designing a unique program for you for free.


Sample Work

Below are highlights from a few of our recent engagements.

Drivers...start your engines

 A leading automotive finance company was looking to increase its engagement
 with auto dealers around the country and improve its volume of loans. 

  Working with their Sales & Marketing leadership, nCentix designed and
  implemented a rewards program that allowed for monthly and seasonal
  flexibility in setting goals and reward levels. 

 In its first year the program produced positive return on investment for a budget
 exceeding $1M, with the program continuing to optimize and grow each month. 

Let's get started on your success story today!

Meet the Team

Gary Brooks
Gary Brooks

President & CFO Gary has an MBA from the University of Tennessee Chattanooga as and a BS from the University of Virginia's College in Business and Public Administration with minors in both Accounting and Economics. With his extensive background in financial management, financial analysis, supplier, vendor, and banking relations, Gary has successfully steered the nCentix team to pioneer groundbreaking and innovative ideas in terms of its business model, technology, and in incentive design.

Wayne Wilhelm
Wayne Wilhelm

Co-Founder & CTO Wayne is the former CEO of CMAX, Incorporated, a developer of vertical market software solutions with a 28-year history of innovation in finance, manufacturing, government and retail software applications. Specializing in the science of replicating data from large numbers of remote locations, CMAX applications provided a centralized database, reporting services and audit security for companies with over 1,000 remote locations. CMAX became the second largest supplier.

Bill Carroll
Bill Carroll

Vice President of Sales Bill has a business degree from Niagara University in Niagara Falls, NY and an MBA from The New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business. He brings over 25 years of high-level sales and channel sales experience. His efforts focus on market share expansion and delivering attractive results for clients. Bill has a passion for his family and sports; in particular golf, tennis, and the Buffalo Bills.

Rhonda Freeman
Rhonda Freeman

Director of Client Support Rhonda brings over 25 years of client support and customer service experience to the nCentix team. Her experience includes writing customer service strategies for Fortune 50 companies and leading teams of people in sales, service and training environments. Rhonda is most passionate about her family and volunteering with children in her community. Her hobbies include dumpster diving to turn furniture trash into one of a kind treasures.

Angie Blizard
Angie Blizard

Senior Program Manager Angie brings over 20 years of experience in project management, auditing, and systems management in a fortune 500 company. She is a president’s club recipient for her excellence in that field. Angie also has experience in the home healthcare and medical transcription fields. She is a wife and proud mother to three children and enjoys kayaking, traveling, and learning sign language.

Bob Bickford
Bob Bickford

NE - Regional Sales Manager Bob was the founder of Compass Card Systems LLC,one of the oldest pre-paid card and technology integrators in the country. He was also one of the first research scientists at MIT's Media Lab shaping many of the new technology concepts in multimedia products. He holds a Masters degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Fine Arts Bachelors Degree from Tufts University. He has a passion for flying, has a private pilot’s license and owns a Diamond DA40

nCentix Board

Tom Stoughton

Chairman - Board of Directors

Tom received a B.A. from the University of Georgia and his Doctorate with honors from the University of Georgia School of Law. He has over 30 years experience in finance, law, capital market transactions, and private equity investments. Tom has been engaged in private equity and debt investments for his own account and executed investment banking/capital market engagements on behalf of both corporate and private clients for most of the last decade.

John Topping
Board of Advisors

John is a cum laude graduate of the University of Gerogia School of Law and a graduate of the University of Virginia, where he earned a B.A. in Economics and Russian Studies.  He attended the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey, graduating with academic distinction. A forty-year resident of Atlanta, Georgia, he is a managing director with Jacobs Capital. He is also a founder and shareholder in a number of companies. He has a great appreciation for family and sports.

Allen Capsuto

Board of Advisors

Allen received a B.S. from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Roosevelt University. He has more than 35 years of experience in management, finance, M&A, operations, and IT services in an Executive, Trustee, Board, principal owner capacity. His background with private and publicly held companies includes start-ups, high growth, restructuring, and turnaround situations. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of many companies.

nCentix Board of Advisors


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