5 Things You Should Know About Employee Wellness Programs

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Recently, support behind employee health and wellness programs is on the rise. By encouraging employees to be active and to lead an overall healthy lifestyle, companies are actually seeing positive ROI! While you may not think investing in health and wellness programs for your employees will do much more than cost the company money, these programs do quite the opposite. Healthy employees tend to help cut insurance costs for the company, they tend to be much more productive during the workday and are also more actively engaged at work!

Think about how this can pay off for your company and check out these 5 things you should know about employee health and wellness programs!

They’re Highly Inclusive

Employee health and wellness programs aren’t only a great way to encourage a healthy lifestyle among your employees. It’s also a fun and easy way to get employees involved in activities and to have fun with co-workers. Allow your employees to interact and bond with each other while getting healthy! This might even result in the formation of health and fitness groupings that will benefit your wellness program even more. When your employees are able to connect with one-another and enjoy time together, they’re more likely to work better together as a team!

Think about it this way. Many people, especially those who don’t frequent the gym, tend to shy away unless they have a supportive friend to join them. But the problem at work sometimes is that it’s easy to fall into the “all work, no play” mindset unless you encourage employees to engage and interact with each other! For this reason, many companies have a fitness facility and even host group fitness classes for their employees.

They’re Surprisingly Simple!

Despite popular belief, employee health and wellness programs are actually surprisingly simple to get started! If you’re looking to start small before working up to a more intricate wellness problem, no worries. The good news is that you can start at whatever level best fits your needs.

Once you start to gain the attention of more and more employees, the rest is easy! In fact, the more the merrier. The more people who become involved in your program, the more fun and effective it will become!

There’s No Right or Wrong Answer

You heard right, there’s absolutely no right or wrong answer when it comes to health and wellness programs. In fact, your program can be as unique as you want it to be! Whether you’re looking to provide incentives for your employees to engage in your program or if it’s something as simple as providing free or low-cost preventative screenings for your employees, you can’t go wrong.

Many companies actually reward their employees when they partake or record certain healthy activities. Others run fun challenges or participate in community events to get employees actively engaged. Let us know what your company is doing to encourage employee health and wellness!

Check out nCentix’s Wellness Program Activity & Challenge Guide for ideas on challenges, activities and incentives to get your employees involved!

They Can Encourage a Healthy Company Culture

If done right, employee health and wellness programs go a long way to encourage a healthy company culture. It may start slow at first as your employees begin to adopt the idea, but once you get going and start issuing health and fitness challenges, exercise classes and more, you’ll notice that word will begin to spread.

So what’s so important about having a healthy company culture? Well let’s put it this way, healthy employees equal happy employees and when you have happy employees, your workforce becomes more productive, more engaged and to top it off, you save money when less employees become sick or ill!

They’re Paying Off Big Time!

Did you know that healthy employees can help reduce your overall spending on health insurance? Believe it or not, employee wellness programs are not only beneficial to employees, but employers have also been reaping the rewards!

Think about it this way. If your employee population is generally healthy and you encourage employees to take steps to prevent disease or issues like diabetes, high blood pressure and more, your insurance rates will go down for the entire company. So you’re saving money there, but that’s not all. Think about all of the days that your employees have taken sick days due to illnesses. Believe it or not, by encouraging health and wellness at work, you’ll notice that employees are less likely to get sick and miss work.

Interested in kick-starting your own health and wellness program at your company? Contact nCentix today to start the conversation!

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