The Big Impact of a Small “Thank You”

small thank you note in notebook

What’s the big deal with saying “thank you”? Of course, we can all agree that it’s polite and has become an important social courtesy. But those two little words can mean a lot more, especially in the workplace! Whether you’re part of a large corporation thanking thousands of employees and customers or a small local business, using those two little words, “thank you”, builds trust and long-lasting relationships.

Showing Appreciation Establishes Trust and Builds Relationships

By saying “thank you” to a customer or employee, you’re letting them know you genuinely appreciate their efforts and, more importantly, you appreciate them. This simple act encourages a culture of gratitude and appreciation in the organization and fosters trust among both its employees and its customers resulting in relationships that thrive.

Recognizing Good Employees Can Lead to Better Performance and Increased Lifetime Value of Your Customers

When was the last time you received recognition at your office? Whether it was as simple as someone saying thanks or an entire office party thrown on your behalf, it made you feel like you were an important part of the team. Everyone likes to be thanked and by encouraging an atmosphere of gratitude, you can actually see a positive trend in employee performance.

By incorporating gratitude into the company’s culture, employees are typically more willing to spread their positive feelings with others on the team and offer help to co-workers. Think about it. How many times have you found yourself frustrated at work and were forced to hold back an eye-roll when your co-worker asked for help. Did your co-worker thank you for your help? At the time, were you working for a company that encouraged an atmosphere of gratitude among their employees? The likely answer is no. Employees who are celebrated by their employers and co-workers often demonstrate more positive outlooks and are generally happy to help others. This in turn leads to better performance and increased success among the whole team!

Additionally, when your teams perform better on a local level, the entire company will benefit along with your customers! That’s right, customers tend to report better experiences with companies that have a happy and healthy corporate culture. According to John H. Fleming’s book Human Sigma, by creating a positive brand image across your company, customers are more likely to share common experiences and become loyal to your organization.

Improve Loyalty by Thanking Your Customers

When was the last time you were in a store with exceptional customer service? You’re likely thinking of an experience where an employee went above and beyond to help and relate to you specifically. They probably thanked you for your time or purchase as you finished your transaction. This is crucial when developing a loyal and lasting relationship between a company and its customers.

Even if your product or service is truly the best in the industry, your customers want to feel valued. In fact, customers today not only want to feel valued, but also desire a two-way relationship with the company they buy from. And of course, the easiest way to make your customers feel important and to build that relationship is to continually thank them for their business!

Are you looking for a great way to thank your employees or customers? Let nCentix help by designing a custom rewards program just for you!

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