The Right Way to Thank Your Customers

Thanking your customers is common business practice, but have you ever considered that you might be doing it wrong. That’s right, there’s a right and wrong way to thank your customers! Many companies fall short when it comes to giving a heartfelt gesture of appreciation to their customers. Don’t stop at the automated emails thanking them for their order or for the generic, “thank you, come again.” Instead of falling into this trap, try putting a little more effort to show your customers how much you care and keep them coming back! After all, a small but genuine “thank you” can go a long way!

Send a Thank You Note With Customer Orders

Regardless of your business model, a great way to say thanks is to send a thank you note with each customer order. How many times can you remember opening a package and finding a “thank you” note written just for you? Think about how you felt, knowing that a company invested the extra time in you as a customer. Take the notion a step further and hand-write each note to add even more meaning to your gesture!

Personalization is Key

The more customized your “thank you” gets, the more meaningful to your customers. If you can afford to skip the mass printed or automatic thank you notes, offer something that is specific to each individual customer. Nothing says “I appreciate you” like taking note of what matters to your customers. People love when you remember little things about them; it shows that you really listen and actually appreciate them. The good news is pretty much anything can be personalized. Based on how well you know your customers, you can send custom discounts their way or offer free gifts based on their interests.

Show that You Value Their Feedback

When a customer comes to you with something they don’t like or would like to see change, take it as an opportunity to impress them. Allowing your customers to have an open line of communication with you is a great way to say “we appreciate you”—whether that’s for praise, complaints or requests. Showing your customers you’re mindful of their feedback and taking appropriate action can go a long way in demonstrating your appreciation for them.

Send Gift Cards

Sending gift cards to your customers is a great way to say “thanks”! Whether you have a comprehensive loyalty rewards program directed at your entire customer base or just want to show your appreciation to a specific favorite buyer, gift cards will do the job. Some companies partner with local restaurants and send gift cards that treat the customer and his/her family to dinner. Many others send a prepaid Visa card so customers can choose whatever they wish.

Kick-Start a Customer Loyalty Program

Customers love the VIP treatment and one of the best and most popular ways to show your appreciation is through a customer loyalty program. Go ahead and roll out the red carpet for your customers who keep coming back. Whether it’s cash-back bonuses or special promotions on their favorite products, your customers will enjoy being part of an exclusive club that keeps them top of mind!

Not sure how to kick-start your own customer loyalty program? No problem, contact nCentix today and let us create a unique rewards program that will keep your customers coming back!

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